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Nice try!

This is a mo'fuckin' good flash man! Keep it up!

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Gorekiller responds:

Woot Thanks for the leet review, Rourke !!

The end of the adventure of turd clock's life

This part 3 of your trilogy is not great at all, not good at all, not wonderfull at all... it's just PERFECT! The dialogues are very funny : when I tell that history to my friends, they are laughing hard! Yesyesyes! I don't lie. Especially with... *hello my good friend* "wtf? who said that??!" *I'm the pube muppit* "what that homosexual frog is still in my head???!!!"
And in this movie, Turd clock uses many weapons such as sniper riffle, assault riffle or knife. Heads are gonna fall!
And the end is very funny : SBC don't remember anything and blams the poor turd clock. What a shame!
I'm telling you again : LONG LIVE FOR THE CLOCK CREW AND B!!!!!!!!!!

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The second part of a great adventure

It's verry funny! I laughed a lot during this film! It's more violent than the first film that hasn't gore scenes. I loved the scene with the shotgun. "excuse me... have a good day! crik crack spleeeaaash!!!!!!" Wow! That was sweat! The only thing I didn't like in you movie is that the scene of the trip with the car in the desert is to long to my mind. Well anyway : that's great!

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good job!

That's not resident evil (yet [ maybe!!!!!]) but it's funny. You chose the music wonderfully! (I love metal!). But you should work more on weapons. You should put more on your game ( such as P90 AK47 M16 DSR1). Keep it up my good man!


good job!


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Quite like the original, epic, dark with a "metal touch". So good!

Gorekiller responds:

W00t, thanks Rourke69 ! I hope I'll be able to find Metroid Prime 3 very soon !

You sen good stuf megn!

Class A shit!
trop bon le morceau de piano! pas le truc de tapette. l'expérience se ressent...
Que du bon quoi!

Fucking great

Dude this is funny and excellent as fuck. And don't worry about those cocksuckers pricks like the guy who sent the previous review. You own them! Anyway, keep up the good work!

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Gorekiller responds:

Ahaha Well said, Rourke69 ! WE own thel all ! UARG !

Hello guys! Do great flashs and great music so I can vote five for them! lol

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